Pivoting from Weight to Wellbeing: workshops exploring non-diet approaches to health for health professionals and students

Are you a dietitian, RD2B or nutrition student looking to learn more about using a non-diet approach in your counselling?


Wondering how a non-diet approach can be integrated with medical nutrition therapy (for example, diabetes, heart disease, sports nutrition, prenatal nutrition, etc)?


Curious about the philosophies of Health at Every Size, intuitive eating, or body positivity? 


Hungry to learn how to help yourself and clients ditch diet culture and fatphobic messages?


These workshops may be exactly what you need!


Sadly, there is still very little time dedicated to teaching intuitive eating, body image, and weight neutral counselling skills in dietetic programs. Many dietitians (both new and experienced) are still unaware that there is an alternative to the weight-centric nutrition talk!

After hearing so many students and dietitians speak to me about their frustration with the traditional “eat this, not that” mentality of the nutrition profession, I have been inspired to host these workshops. 

If you are feeling uncomfortable recommending weight loss as a means to improve your client’s health and prefer to focus on BEHAVIOR changes (rather than changes in the scale), then you’ve come to the right place!

Weight loss recommendations are doled out as a means to improve the health or disease management for almost any and all cases. But does weight loss really help to reduce mortality? improve blood sugars? reduce complications from surgery? help to improve body image? Despite popular belief, the science says no. Learn more about how focusing on health behaviours, not weight, can improve the overall health and wellbeing of your clients.

You can expect a 2-hour workshop where you will hear from an experienced dietitian on a nutrition topic in which they specialize (example, diabetes, eating disorders, picky eating, sports nutrition, etc) followed by a guided discussion, Q & A or panel discussion. 


Next workshop is on November 27th, 2018 at 7:15pm

The topic is:

Where do I go from Here? How to sell a Weight-inclusive approach to your clients.

Presenter: Robin Glance, RD. www.RobinGlanceNutrition.com  

What to expect:  In a one-hour presentation, Robin will address how to help transition to a weight-inclusive approach in nutrition counselling. Topics will include:

– Benefits & challenges of dropping “weight loss” as a selling point
– Social media/ website updates: how to send the right message
– Difficult client conversations & how to respond when a client “really wants to lose weight”
– Helping other health professionals/ the interdisciplinary team to get on board with a weight-inclusive approach

After this workshop, you should feel more prepared and supported in presenting yourself as a weight-inclusive professional and be able to confidently move forward in the transition.

This will be followed by a Q & A with the presenter.

As usual, refreshments and snacks will be served and all attendees will receive a swag bag.

Other workshop topics will vary and all workshops will share the theme of weight neutral nutrition practices. Stay tuned for a detailed agenda on the speakers and their topics. 

These workshops will be delivered live & in person (in Montreal). A copy of the recorded presentation may be made for purchase online so even if you aren’t in the Montreal area, sign up to be kept in the loop!





Can I buy tickets at the door?

Due to limited seating, tickets must be purchased in advance. Ticket sales end on November 26th at 23h30. If you are looking to attend last minute, call/text Lisa directly at 514-883-5692 or email her at Lisa@custom-nutrition.com to verify if seats are still available. Last minute decisions to attend are welcome but to avoid disappointment, please verify with Lisa if there is room.

Are there ID requirements to enter the event?

If you have purchased a student ticket, please bring your valid student ID.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Charlevoix metro station is located 4min from the space. Free street parking is available.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can email Lisa Rutledge directly here: Lisa@custom-nutrition.com or contact her by phone: 514-883-5692

What’s the refund policy?

Unfortunately, refunds are not possible. Tickets are transferable.

I can’t attend in person. Is there an option to participate online?

The event will be recorded and made available for purchase online. A live broadcast of the event is not possible at this time. Email Lisa@custom-nutrition.com for the opportunity to purchase a recorded version of the workshop.

Is this workshop eligible for continuing education credits?

I hope so! Simply keep the documents you will receive from the workshop (slides, handouts, proof of attendance, etc) and submit the information to the OPDQ as proof of attendance. It is up to the discretion of the OPDQ to offer credits for attending. Sadly, this cannot be done ahead of time to guarantee credits will be given.

Why should I invest my time and money into these workshops?

There are many reasons why these unique workshops can help you better serve your clients AND help you to build (or maintain) a thriving health practice.

Continuing education credits

As health professionals, we all need to earn continuing education credits. Although we all have a love for learning, it can be hard to find an event that connects with our values and passions. These non-diet workshops will both increase your working knowledge of medical nutrition therapy and your confidence to work in the weight inclusive paradigm.

Connecting with like-minded health practitioners

Working as a non-diet, weight inclusive, fat positive, HAES advocate practitioner is hard. It is hard because it goes against everything we have been taught, everything we hear around us (ahem… diet culture), it makes us feel icky about the weight-centric care we have been providing and it makes us question our role as healthcare providers. Meeting and connecting with like-minded people is hugely helpful for our learning curve as well as for our mental support. 

A safe environment that facilitates learning

It is scary to learn new ways to do our jobs (behaviour focused instead of weight-centric) and it is important to have a learning environment that allows us to feel safe to ask the tough questions and hear/absorb the different messages. The environment of these workshops is taken seriously and strives to be a welcoming, & safe one. 

Exclusive & unique content

You will NOT find this information in a university lecture or in any traditional health-based textbook. Even though these approaches (HAES, intuitive eating, fat positive movement) have been around for decades, they sadly are still not taught in traditional teaching settings. The speakers who share their knowledge are highly qualified professionals who bring their unique styles and expertise to the presentations. Of course, all the content presented is science-based.

It will help you stand out in a sea of practitioners

There are so many healthcare practitioners to choose from, help your clients choose you. By taking a non-traditional, non-shaming approach to health, you will stand out among the crowd and provide ethical, empowering advice and support. The era of food restrictions and weight shaming is over- be one of the first to embrace the non-diet approach and watch how you connect more deeply with clients. 

Learn the latest and unbiased research on health

Stay up to date on the latest health information to better serve your clients. Learn how many of the beliefs we’ve been taught about health and weight and food are wrong, why it is good to question the facts we’ve taken for granted AND how to counsel clients without harming them. 

Praise for past workshops

Would you like to be an affiliate? 

If you would like to help spread the word about these workshops and earn a little cash, contact Lisa! It is as easy as using a special link to promote the latest workshop, and if anyone buys a ticket from you, you get a little thank you in your wallet. Email Lisa directly at Lisa@custom-nutrition.com