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If you are looking to learn more about intuitive eating, body image and disordered eating, you’ve come to the right place. Online, mini courses are now available to help you on you journey towards food and body peace.


We are bombarded with encouraging messages to diet for happiness and health every darn day. Paradoxically, our worries with what we eat, how much we move, and the size of our body become more intense the more we try to diet. Intuitive eating offers an empowering perspective on food, health and nutrition. It encourages nourishing and moving our body to feel good, not to ‘be good’. This mini e-course walks you through how intuitive eating can help you during stressful times of the year.  Click Here to Learn More. 
“Diet culture” is something we hear about often these days. But what is it? why can rejecting it improve my health and happiness? How can I start to break free from it? There is hope to feeling happier and being healthier! And it has nothing to do with the traditional and tired messages of “eat this, not that” or “calories in vs calories out”. Join a refreshing conversation about diet culture (what it is, why we should get angry about it), and discuss how body acceptance and intuitive eating can play a role in your health and happiness.

Products for Health Practitioners

If you are a dietitian, fitness trainer, nurse, PT, kinesiologist, doctor, etc and are looking to learn more about taking a non-diet, weight inclusive or HAES (tm) approach to their practice, you’ve come to the right place! Below are webinars and recorded presentations that will help you grow your knowledge about how to have a weight neutral or non-diet approach to health. 


This webinar focuses on finding your way through complex yet important conversations with clients about body image. Discover new ways and tips on how to navigate these conversations with clients, activites clients can do to improve body image and feel more confident to help your clients achieve better overall wellbeing.

This webinar focuses on how to help improve athletes (of all levels) improve performance without triggering the onset of an eating disorder or encouraging disordered behaviour. This is geared towards registered dietitians, fitness trainers, physiotherapists, coaches and anyone else who works with athletes (of any level). 


This webinar includes an overview of the most pivotal studies in weight science history; why focusing on weight to improve health backfires; how and why weight loss recommendations have fallen short; a resource guide for learning more and self-study. This is geared towards registered dietitians, fitness trainers, physiotherapists, psychologists and anyone else who works with clients who desire weight change and improved health. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Whether you are practicing in private practice, in a clinic, a CLSC or a hospital- helping clients take a balanced approach to nutrition (versus a diet approach) is tough!
This webinar addresses how to transition to a weight-inclusive approach in nutrition counselling: Benefits & challenges of dropping “weight loss” as a selling point,  how to send the right message online, difficult client conversations & how to respond when a client “really wants to lose weight” and helping other health professionals/ the interdisciplinary team to get on board with a weight-inclusive approach. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE