Lisa Rutledge, RD

Eating disorder dietitian and intuitive eating advocate

Let's work together

Individual Counseling

I offer nutrition counseling sessions virtually (either over the phone or video chat). I specialize in supporting teens and adults in eating disorder recovery and disordered eating.

I offer a free 15 min discovery call to make sure we’d be a good fit.

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Family Counseling

When a child or teen has an eating disorder, parents are invaluable to the recovery process. I work with parents who are supporting a loved one through recovery using Family based treatment.

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Online Learning

You can learn about intuitive eating and body acceptance on your own time, in the comfort of your own home. Visit my online school Support for Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance. I also invite you to join the my Facebook group Support for Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance

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Media Outreach

I have extensive experience working with the media in both print, radio and video formats. Getting the non-diet message out to the public is my passion.

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Professional Training

I host weight inclusive workshops for health professionals in my Pivoting from Weight to Well-being school. I also invite you to join my Facebook Group Mindful Movement and Eating Support for Fitness & Health Professionals

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Talks and Conferences

I am available to lead workshops and interactive presentations to any crowd. I have extensive experience and have worked with groups ranging from teens to seniors.

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Reignite your relationship with food & your body

Giving hope that there are solutions to your food and health worries is my passion. I work with people who are struggling to ditch diets, recovering from an eating disorder, feel better in their body and rediscover joy & peace with food and eating.

I counsel people (both one on one and as a family) as well as share my non-traditional nutrition and food view with the media and in workshops to give diet culture a run for it’s money!

I am an intuitive eating advocate, weight inclusive & non-diet dietitian and truly believe that all foods fit into a healthy and happy lifestyle. I have unique personal experiences that help me understand the struggles we face with dieting and changing our food habits.

About Me


My name is Lisa and I am a non-diet, eating disorder dietitian and intuitive eating advocate.

I am a foodie, personal chef (ie. mom of 2 boys) and self proclaimed wine aficionado.

If you feel overwhelmed with food choices, fear your appetite or certain foods, want to reduce emotional eating, binging and cravings, I may be of help. I encourage clients to stop worrying about every little detail of what they eat and start seeing the bigger picture of health and happiness.

I specialize in the areas of eating disorders (both for teens and adults), disordered eating and weight concern, and have experience supporting people with health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

I offer a free, 15 minute discovery call to make sure I’d be a good fit for your needs.

Lisa Rutledge, RD

Are you looking to…

Feel calm around food?

Better hear and heed your hunger and fullness signals?

Feel confident eating all foods?

Stop binging?

Feel more comfortable in your body?

Improve your wellbeing?


If so, I hope you consider reaching out to speak about ways I may be able to support you and your journey towards peace with food.