Halloween and the upcoming holiday season can send anyone who is vulnerable to body hate and emotional eating screaming.

There is also a lot of pressure in messages from our family, friends and the media to fear Halloween treats and make sure they are immediately taken out of the house. So, if you would like a fresh approach to keeping candy (or any other yearly treat) in your house, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here is a roundup of some non-diet, intuitive eating blogs about Halloween and the delicious treats that come with the celebration:


To Treat or Not to Treat: Halloween and the Candy Conundrum by me

Willpower and the Power of Halloween Candy by Green Mountain at Fox Run

Why my Kids Keep and Eat Their Halloween Candy by Emily Fonnesbeck, RD

3 Reasons to Ditch the Switch Witch this Halloween by Julie Duffy Dillon, RD

Like Stealing Candy from Babies by Glenys Oyston, RD

I want Candy Flowchart by Am I Hungry.com

A dietitian’s perspective on how to handle Halloween candy By Emily Fonnesbeck, RD