Consider booking a Discovery Call

Reaching out for nutrition support can be really hard. I offer a free discovery call to help ease concerns and questions you may have about working together.

Wondering how a dietitian can help you?

Have you always wondered how a dietitian can help you? Not sure about the investment or what’s involved? Have body image or food concerns but not sure who to talk to? Unsure about whether you should speak to someone about your food and exercise habits?

Before booking, have a chance to ask questions 


During this confidential 15 minute chat you’ll be able to ask questions and get more information on what a session would be like with me or how I could support you. There are no strings attached to having a discovery call and you won’t be on the receiving end of a sales pitch.

To book, simply find a time in my calendar using the button below:

Wondering if nutrition support could help you?

If you are not certain that nutrition counseling could help you with your food and body struggles, consider completing this 1 min questionnaire.

Other Ways to Get in Touch

If you don’t feel ready to book a discovery call, or if you prefer to use written communication to get in touch, use the form below to reach out:

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