This creamy rapini linguine dish was a recent creation from our kitchen. We love rapini but sometimes struggle to create a dish that is well balanced without too much tartness. We also tend to eat a lot of broccoli- which can get boring.  So to change things up a bit (and use what we have in the fridge) our cream sauce got a makeover!

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creamy rapini linguine

Rapini also goes by the names broccoli raab or rabe. It is a cruciferous vegetable and although it may look similar to broccoli, it is more closely related to turnips. It is slightly bitter and blanching it before incorporating it into your dish can tone down the sharpness. 

It goes nicely anywhere you’d use other green vegetables and leafy produce- in omelettes, cream sauces, as a side dish, in a stir fry, etc. 

I guess we love bitter flavors at our house since pairing blue cheese with rapini seems so normal for us! When we are lucky enough to have blue cheese in the house (often we go through it quickly!), it brings amazingly deep flavor components in anything we use it. 

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 creamy linguini rapini