A Word about Mindful Eating

We’ve all heard the expression that “Diets don’t work”. However, so many people do no know where to turn if not to diets and rules. That is where mindful eating can help. Instead of using other people’s food rules, mindful eating helps you develop confidence in your own ability to make food choices based on your body. By being more attuned to your hunger and fullness levels, understanding what influences you to eat when not hungry (emotions? environment?) and relearning your food preferences, you become your own food and eating expert.

You may have heard this way of eating as mindful eating, intuitive eating or attuned eating. Regardless of the name, many people have rekindled their relationship with food and their body by abandoning the diet mentality and embracing mindful eating. It is totally normal to be scared to rely on your body to tell you what, when and how much to eat. After years of dieting, we can feel that following our instincts will lead us down a path of overeating. There are hands on activities you can practice that will help you improve your confidence with food choices and help you feel free of the restricting (and often arbitrary) rules of dieting. For more information on mindful eating, I invite you to read my blog entries under the category of mindful eating. To get you started, here are a few introductory articles about mindful eating:

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Here are a few things my clients have said about Mindful Eating













For more information on mindful eating:

The Center for Mindful Eating has an array of great resources.

Michelle May, MD is the author of “Eat what you Love, love what you eat” book series and is the founder of AmIhungry.com

Judith Matz is the author of “Beyond a shadow of a Diet” (this book provides step-by-step guidelines to help clients end the diet mentality and learn an internally-based approach known as attuned eating)

Evelyn Tribole, RD is the author of “Intuitive Eating