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I am Lisa, a non-diet dietitian working in private practice in Montreal. I see clients both in person and virtually. I specialize in intuitive eating, body image issues, disordered eating (among a few other things).

In my Facebook Live on January 14th, I mentioned a few things in which you may be interested: worksheets, a Facebook support group and online mini courses. I have listed them below!

This is a support group for anyone looking for support and guidance for learning about intuitive eating and body acceptance. This group provides professional support from myself as well as peer support from other like minded people from around the world. Click here or on the picture above to join.

online mini course on intuitive eating

If you are looking to learn more about intuitive eating, I have a few online, mini courses. One is especially useful during times of the year when encouragement to diet is rampant (ahem… January). Use the special coupon code PERFIT-OYDXWINLKUTAE at the checkout for a 10% discount. Valid until January 31st, 2019.

Activities and Worksheets to Explore your Relationship with Food

It May NOT be Emotional Eating

We have been told for decades that we overeat because we are emotionally eating. BUT this is not always the case. 

We may overeat for MANY different reasons and calming our emotions or distracting ourselves from eating does not always do the trick. 

This activity suggests different things to explore to get to the heart of eating without being hungry. There are many angles to non-hunger eating and it can be extremely helpful to have help in walking through them. 

Looking back on dieting activity sheet

It is hard to break free from dieting when we are constantly being sold “new! better than ever! miracle diets“.

The problem is that all diets have a terrible track record of being sustainable (95% of people gain back all the weight) and they cause us so much mental and physical harm (hello, binge eating!). Being able to objectively go through your past attempts at dieting can bring the facts to the forefront. They have never been sustainable, they have brought misery and hunger and really did a number on our relationship with food. 

Download this worksheet to take a look back on your history with diets and get a more objective view. It can help release you from blaming yourself for any weight regain and put the blame where it should go- onto the diet and diet culture. 

3 Ways to Feel Better in Your Body

How often do you have a negative thought about your body?

Does it happen first thing in the morning when you look in the mirror? When you stare at the these-haven’t-fit-me-in-three-years clothes in your closet? When you step on the scale? What about over the course of the day when you catch your reflection in a store window? Or when someone tags you in a picture you hate on Instagram? Or when you get a reminder in your e-mail that you haven’t visited the gym in a while?

97% of women have an “I hate my body” moment every single day. Here are 3 Steps to help you feel fetter in your body

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My passion is to spread the non-diet and body acceptance word far and wide. That means I get involved in many different kinds of projects and events, both virtually and in Montreal.

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