Thank you so much for attending the Midnight Kitchen event

“If Not Diets, Then What?”

I was tweaking the presentation slides up until the last minute which made it hard to print out for you ahead of time. If you’d like a copy of the information presented, here is a link to download the slides!

  1. Click on Free-Purchase button below.
  2. Then click on “Checkout” to get your downloadable pdf.

I mentioned a few opportunities during the event. Here are the direct links all in one spot for you!

My Facebook group for learning more on Intuitive Eating:

If you are a health professional, fitness instructor, or a student studying to become one, I also host a Facebook group for learning to use HAES, weight neutral, intuitive eating and body positive messages:

If you are a dietitian or a student studying to become one, I host a series of workshops called “Pivoting from Weight to Wellbeing”. Each workshop has a different nutrition theme (ex. weight inclusive Diabetes counselling, how to run a successful non-diet nutrition practice, preventing eating disorders in athletes, etc). Visit to learn more.  

Considering a one on one session for improving your intuitive eating skills? Book a free 15min discovery call with me to see how I can help you.

Some places to find body scans:

Stop, Breath and Think Body scan:

Here are the lists of accounts to follow for body positive, HAES, and non-diet inspiration:

Best Body Positive Instagram Accounts – Selfies & Photography Edition: