• Because you love feeling sluggish and tired all the time. Napping every afternoon is normal, right?!
The Facts: Eating plenty of fruits, vegetable, lean protein and whole grains every 4-5 hours helps to deliver constant energy to your brain and muscles.
  • Because you hate having good digestion; regularity is overrated anyways.

The Facts: By focusing on “white” grain products, sugary cereals, juices instead of fruit and eating unbalanced meal, you miss out on important (and useful!) fibre.

  • Because you have money to blow on take-out and restaurant food. Hey, it saves time washing up dishes!

The Facts: Although prepared foods can be handy, relying on them too often can be a hit to both your wallet and your health. Make double recipes when you do take the time to cook and you can have homemade, frozen dinners anytime.

  • Because you don’t believe in science, and your grandma didn’t know best.

The Facts: All studies looking at eating a wide variety of foods (fruits, vegetable, whole grains, low fat dairy and lean protein), avoiding trans and saturated fats, including antioxidants and good fats like omega-3s point to one thing- they’re good for you. Most studies show that healthy eating is easier than you think! Keeping things simple and avoiding complicated fad diets is best.

  • Because you think you will live forever, and if you don’t, 65 is long enough.

The Facts: For many reasons, eating well can not only help you live longer, but live with a higher quality of life as you get older. Eating a variety of foods from all food groups helps you get the nutrients you need while avoiding too many of the less healthy ones.

  • Because you enjoy the side effects of medications, going to the doctor and sitting in the waiting room for hours.

The Facts: Many healthy foods can help in the prevention of health issues as well as help to manage them. High blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol are a few examples.

  •  Because your kids can look up to someone else for guidance as a role model (say Ronald McDonald?).

The Facts: When parents eat well and include all 3 meals, the chances that their children will do the same is much greater. Do you skip breakfast too often? Are you very picky with the vegetables you eat? Your kids may pick up on these habits earlier than you think.

  • Because you don’t need 6 hours of sleep per night. It’s nice to spend all weekend in bed catching up on sleep rather than enjoying the time off.

The Facts: Healthy eating can not only help to improve your sleep, but sleeping 7-8 hours per night can help you manage your weight. A recent study has demonstrated that sleeping less than 7 hours a night can increase your appetite and push you to eat more calories than you need the next day.