Why vitamins and minerals are so important. BONUS: how to choose a multivitamin.

We all want to eat healthy for different reasons. One major reason a lot of people have in common is to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Use this guide to help you understand why dietitians recommend eating a variety of foods to ensure all the essential vitamins and minerals are eaten. 

If you are thinking of taking a vitamin or mineral supplement, it is best to stick with a multivitamin. The simplest advice is to chose the multivitamin that most closely matches your gender and age groups. If you would like to read more about choosing a healthy multivitamin, check out this Consumer Report .
The Dietitians of Canada suggest that multivitamin brands that have a NPN or DIN number on the label should be chosen over those that do not have this number. This is because those with a NPN or DIN number on the label have been assessed by Health Canada. They are considered safe, of high quality, and do what they claim.
If you really want some details on how much of each vitamin and mineral your multivitamin contains, this report by Nutrition Action Newsletter has everything you need to know!

Graphic compilated by Jenna West, dietetic intern

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