The KEY to eating less is…

It may be one of the more difficult things to change about the way you eat (and is certainly one of the less glamorous), but it is one of the most efficient ways to eat fewer calories.
Step one: understand just how big your current portion sizes are which must come before determining what to cutting down on. To do this, you have a few options: start measuring out what you each with measuring cups OR use something that is always handy…. like your own hand!

Portion sizes are the most basic concept on which the “healthy versus less healthy” universe is based. No one food is evil since it’s really the portion of the food that counts. However, this is one of the least understood technical info in the nutrition world. It’s not complicated and certainly anyone can learn basic portion sizes! 
Since your hand is in proportion to you overall body size, it’s a great reference tool on which to base your food needs.
Check out these simple ways to use your hand to estimate portion sizes, no matter where you are or what you are eating.
(please note that a fist is generally = to one cup)

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