Holiday Eating is Neither Naughty nor Nice

The holidays are around the corner and that usually means an onslaught of articles about healthy eating during the holidays. A recent article was published about how to prevent holiday weight gain. Since some of the advice was contradictory and fatphobic, we felt compelled to give a more weight inclusive side of the story and challenge the weight loss rhetoric that too often co-ops the holiday spirit.

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Can intuitive eating help me?

can Intuitive eating help me

The concepts of intuitive and mindful eating have grown enormously in popularity in the last few years.
The terms intuitive eating and mindful eating are not very descriptive. So using words and terms that we use every day to describe our difficult relationship with food is helpful to understand how they can work for us.

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Intuitive eating is more than savoring every bite.

intuitive eating is more than savoring

You’ve probably heard about intuitive eating or mindful eating. Unfortunately, since they are hard to describe in a sound bite, you likely have been given the overly simplified version or worse, an inaccurate one. To make matters worse, these now popular terms have been co-opted by weight loss sellers (ahem…WW) to pretend that their programs aren’t diets and thus keeping up with the times. Mindful and intuitive eating is more than savoring each bite or slowly eating raisins (see more about that below 😉 ). To help clear up any misunderstandings, I’d like to tell you what they are not rather than what […]

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Let Kids be Kids at Halloween

candy is ok

Halloween and the upcoming holiday season can send anyone who is vulnerable to body hate and emotional eating screaming. There is also a lot of pressure in messages from our family, friends and the media to fear Halloween treats and make sure they are immediately taken out of the house. So, if you would like a fresh approach to keeping candy (or any other yearly treat) in your house, you’ve come to the right place.  Here is a roundup of some non-diet, intuitive eating blogs about Halloween and the delicious treats that come with the celebration:   To Treat or […]

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