Can intuitive eating help me?

can Intuitive eating help me

The concepts of intuitive and mindful eating have grown enormously in popularity in the last few years.
The terms intuitive eating and mindful eating are not very descriptive. So using words and terms that we use every day to describe our difficult relationship with food is helpful to understand how they can work for us.

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How to Manage Cravings in 5 Simple Steps

For better or worse, food cravings are a part of life. Learning how to manage them is important for healthy living and helps us feel more in charge of our eating (rather than feeling like the food is controlling us!). Too many people feel hopeless when it comes to cravings- but these feelings of hopelessness CAN be squashed with some practice.There are 5 simple steps you can carry out to better deal with cravings.  These steps deal with delaying gratification, changing up your environment & putting distance between yourself and the food you crave. The more you practice being able […]

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