Your Guide to Eating (and enjoying!) Beans and Pulses

guide to pulses and beans

Co-written with Jenna West, dietetic intern You may have heard that the UN Generally assembly has declared 2016 as the International Year of Pulses. The point of this campaign is to shine alight on the nutritional and environmental benefits of eating more pulses. If you are not sure what exactly a pulse is, let alone why you should eat more of them, we’ve got you covered! Here is our quick and easy guide to understanding pulses and (perhaps more importantly) how to eat more of them with fewer digestive symptoms. (BONUS: stick around for easy, delish recipes you can try tonight!) […]

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[Recipe] Savory butter bean appetizer

I first tasted a very similar appetizer at my Uncle D’s house after he and my aunt returned from a trip to Portugal. Although I am not a huge fan of beans, this appetizer blew me away. It was fresh with a bite from the garlic and onion. It was light but packed a flavorful punch. I immediately started my hunt for butter beans (aka mini Lima beans) to recreate the dish with my own twist. I experimented with mashing the beans to help the “dip” stick to the cracker and infused more flavor into the beans by boiling them with […]

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