[Radio Interview] How eating more often can help with managing your weight AND other nutrition questions from listeners

Listen in on my recent conversation with Tommy Schnurmacher on his CJAD 800!
We started out talking about how eating more often can help with energy levels and in reducing binge eating. (Learn more about that in my recent video)

Many listeners texted in with all sorts of great nutrition questions which led us down many interesting paths:
-are high protein diets that promise incredible weight loss worth the cost?
-how much fat does the average adult need every day! you’ll be surprised how much you need and why it is important to eat it!
-what to do if you aren’t hungry early in the day?
-do we have to eat a protein rich food at breakfast or can oatmeal be enough?
-is ketosis or following a low carb diet a good thing?
-are there any benefit to eating wheat free? any downside to it?
-what are some protein sources other than eggs for the morning?

Use the player below to listen, share or download.


Do you have a nutrition question? Let me know.
You can message me or leave your question in the comments below and I promise to get back to you!

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