Working as a health practitioner with a business that is based on philosophies such as mindful & intuitive eating, HAES (r), weight neutrality, body acceptance and non-diet advice is tough! 

In today’s weight loss and diet obsessed culture, it is hard to convince clients that there are other ways to feel happy and healthy. It is also difficult without the support of professional orders or any education in traditional school training.

Whether you are looking to connect with like-minded professionals or hoping to expand your knowledge in these areas, there is a community of support out there for you! 

facebook support group for professionalsClick here to ask to join the group today!

This Facebook group is a non-judgemental community where you are encouraged to ask questions to peers, start meaningful discussions and share non-diet resources. Support is vital when pivoting your business from the traditional weight loss and diet based advice to one that is weight neutral and encouraging mindful movement and mindful eating. 

Joining this group will keep you informed of opportunities to learn either from myself or others in the HAES community via webinars, blogs, podcasts, books, and much more. This is also a place to share and promote the projects YOU are working on. In my experience, there is no online community more helpful in spreading the word about weight neutral, HAES, mindful/intuitive eating projects as like-minded peers.  Join the Facebook group now!