It’s crunch time, no pun intended, and exams are creeping up. You may find yourself with little or no time for anything but studying! Although it may be wise to push aside other ventures during this stressful time, one thing you must not do is neglect proper nutrition. Eating well is important all year round, but for students, it is especially crucial during exam time. Healthy food is what provides your body and mind with energy to study, concentrate, recall information and to think critically during tests.

Unfortunately, we often skip meals or opt for fast food when studying which can lead to low energy levels, decreased motivation to work hard and ultimately grades that do not represent your our potential. How frustrating!
Following the information below can help you make healthy, quick, tasty food choices during exams which will help to boost memory and energy levels so that you can excel on your finals.

1. Get up early enough to eat breakfast. This meal will provide you with sustained energy throughout the day.
2. Try to eat small meals every 3 hours up until your final.
3. Stay hydrated and avoid too much caffeine. While a cup of coffee may seem to wake you up, too much will send you to the washroom every 15 minutes which will only distract you! It may also heighten your level of anxiety. Good hydration starts at breakfast. Drink at least one glass of juice or water every hour before your exam. Dehydration can affect your ability to concentrate and remain calm during an exam.
4. Bring a snack and a drink with you to the exam. This is a time when comfort foods are useful. Bring whatever you like but choosing something that is going to provide you with some energy is always wise. Here are some quick energy food ideas: cookies, chocolate milk, fruit & fruit juice, a muffin, pudding & yogurt.