Everyday eating, even during the holidays

What is the magic, must have food that will guarantee to make us healthy? Is it the satiating power of fiber? the antioxidant rich colour rich berries? or perhaps its the uber exciting potentials of fish oils!?

I believe that most people already have a good knowledge base of what to do to live healthier lives: eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less trans fat, move more, avoid too much alcohol, etc…

It is not often a lack of knowledge, but more the need for help in developing an action plan to start implementing these changes.
These action plans must include small steps to incorporate one change at a time into your routine. To learn more about setting goals see my pervious blog labeled “when reaching for the stars is not the best”

Wanting to make certain changes can lead to an “all or nothing” way of thinking (this food is good and that food is bad) and in turn, this guides people into a cycle of deprivation and excess all year long. Depriving ourselves of certain foods on ordinary days fuels our excuses and reasons to go overboard on special occasions. This is neither healthy for our bodies nor our minds! Lets take an example: if the only time of the year you allowed yourself to eat shortbread cookies, how likely is it that you would or could stop after 2?

Healthy & happy moderation is the key to healthier, balanced living. Understanding how to enjoy eating less while focusing on quality of the food and the flavours rather than the volume of the food if key. It is healthy to enjoy special foods once in a while and knowing that you have the right to eat them can help you eat more of an appropriate serving size.

Happy holidays!

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