“Diet talk” DARE

What if for just one day, we vowed to stop the “diet talk”. We stopped talking about how much we want or need to lose weight. Stopped mentioning how fat we felt or how guilty we feel about eating this or that. What if we avoided reading magazines that promote unhealthy body images and diet foods? I think that if we stopped the diet talk and self negotiating “I can eat this now if I exercise or restrict later” that we would discover a whole new world. A world where it would be easier to make healthy food choices since they were not forced upon us. Where fun foods would be less tempting since they were always available and no longer illegal. I think that any fears  about going over board on calorie dense foods would slowly melt away since we would now have a wider selection of food to choose from.
I think we would start to appreciate our bodies and the uniqueness of them if we only stop picking their flaws apart. Nothing positive can come from a constant bombardment of negative body talk. And this negative talk we all think will help us eat better and move more….well it turns out beating ourselves up doesn’t actually help us to change for the better. Studies have actually proven that those who have a better body image regardless of their size live a healthier lifestyle (by choice, not by fear of getting fat).
Just imagine the influence we could make on others around us if we stopped enabling them to dis their body or eating habits. How many times have you been sucked into a conversation trying to one up each other in the bad food you ate or how your legs are so much more big then their belly!? Bonding with one another by bashing ones body is not a bonding moment I ever want to have again.
So, my dare to you is to join me and just for one day, be kind to your self and your body, refuse to body check in the mirror, enjoy eating the food you love and try to think only is it I’ve thoughts about you self. You may be surprised how addictive it can become!

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