Are SMART goals the answer for successful habit change?

are smart goals helpful

If social media and health “gurus” (I use that term lightly) are to be believed, it seems like all you have to do is want something hard enough and set a SMART goal in order to achieve your dreams. However, the business of helping people achieve success is a big one. You can hire someone to help motivate you, push you and pull you to success. But are these promises of success really as easy as they sound? Are SMART goals helpful? Are SMART goals helpful? One of the oldest bits of advice about changing your habits that remains from […]

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When reaching for the stars is a bad idea


Setting goals can be useful when we want to make a change- whether it be to our eating habits, activity levels or other areas of our lives. However, setting a goal that is not realistic can actually be more harmful than helpful. Actually reaching your goals is more important that the goal itself.  Reaching Your Goals It is only natural to want change to happen right away but most changes take time. Focusing only on the end result and thus only on long-term goals does not help us to trudge through the rough parts of change because we won’t see the […]

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[Guest post] How To Keep Our New Year’s Resolutions

I came across Dr. Laura Van Schaick-Harman‘s advice while searching out what other health professionals recommend to successfully make changes. Perhaps not the typical information you’d expect a dietitian to research, but as I have mentioned before, dietitian’s jobs have quickly evolved. With Pinterest and Instagram and countless blogs about healthy eating, a dietitian’s job has evolved from telling people what to do, to motivating and supporting them to make the changes they have decided upon. Most of my clients know what they want to change but struggle with how to make the change and seeing the barriers that get […]

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In the nutrition world, sometimes 1 equals 5

Have you ever wondered why it can be so hard to accomplish one small goal you’ve set for yourself? It’s supposed to be easy, right?. Just one thing to do to be a little healthier…but it never gets done! For starters, aim to make the smallest slice of change that is consistent with your long term goal. For example, try introducing one serving of vegetables when you normally would have eaten none. This is much more doable than aiming to eat 4 servings per day if you currently eat only 1. Making small changes allows us to make more changes […]

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Get ‘er done!

Most of the time we know WHAT we should do to improve our health. It may be to drink less wine, take a walk regularly after dinner or eat more fruit- the point is, we don’t need to be told/reminded/finger-pointed at by doctors or dietitians. What most people need is a plan to help them move from thinking about the change, to actually carrying out the change- an action plan! I have spoken about goal setting in the past, but it is so important (and often overlooked) that it warrants another blog. Most people are familiar with SMART goals. Goals […]

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