Does Intermittent Fasting Work? Could Going Without Do More for Your Health?

does intermittent fasting work

Fasting has been used for health and religious reasons for hundreds of years and due to an explosion of new interest from the media, intermittent fasting is becoming the newest trend in dieting. But is there any supporting scientific evidence that would make it anything more than another weight-loss fad? Does intermittent fasting work and hold up to their claims?   What is intermittent fasting? There are three types of intermittent fasting (IF) diets: alternate-day fasting, whole day fasting, and time-restricted feeding. Alternate-day fasting involves alternating between fasting days and days of eating until satisfied. Whole-day fasting involves 1 to […]

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Why Body Acceptance is the Secret to Healthy Eating

body acceptance and healthy eating

Does it ever feel like traditional nutrition advice is a little old school? That the recommendation of drink more water, eat more vegetables and cut down on fat is just not speaking to you anymore? Could body acceptance and healthy eating go hand-in-hand more than traditional healthy eating advice? Body acceptance and healthy eating Sure, it can be comforting to hear the same healthy eating messages but if you find yourself unable to follow the same ‘ole “eat your vegetables” advice, you are not alone. These unpersonalised, cheery bits of advice usually talk about what you “should be doing” and […]

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Mindful Eating Series with The Grounded Therapist (#2)

mindful eating sereis

Mindful Eating can be helpful in so many different aspects of healthy eating: it can help naturally reduce portion sizes (if you tend to over eat due to emotions or mindlessness), it can help reduce emotions that can lead to eating when not hungry and improve confidence in food choices. It does, however, take some practice to truly work. That is why actively taking part in activities that increase mindfulness are integral and is how/why this series came about!  Here is what Rachel, the Grounded Therapist, had to say about Mindful Eating in Part 2 of our series:  I really wanted to […]

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Why Unwinding with Food can Backfire

unwinding with food does not work

  Have you ever reach for a glass of wine after a long day? Or a bag of chips? Do you find that you feel just as tired or stressed after eating?  Although food can sometimes be a comfort, it rarely decreases stress or fatigue (unless of course you are hungry and lacking calories). Reaching for food to unwind at the end of a long day usually backfires. Not only does it rarely help with boosting energy levels, but some people become more stressed once they start to think about the calories they ate. This is especially true for people who […]

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Social Media Snafu: How unliking, unfriending and unfollowing can help you manage your weight

There is an expression in french: “trop, c’est comme pas assez”. Roughly translated, it means “too much is like not enough” or more eloquently put “less is more”. In the nutrition world, this can mean trying to follow lots of complex information all at once (ie. gluten free, dairy free, low carb diet) when simple is sometimes best. This confusion happens all the time. Since the internet first crossed paths with curious, weight-loss driven people, dietitians have been hearing the same old story- although their clients know alot about nutrition, they feel lost in this sea of information. Scouring the […]

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Eating in secret and other embarrassing side effects of dieting.

I consulted with a client the other day who wanted to admit something embarrassing. The admission started out like so many others that I’ve heard: “I’ve never told anyone this but… when everyone is in bed, sometimes I sneak into the kitchen and eat foods I am not supposed to. I feel out of control, like I cannot stop myself, eat more than I want to and end up feeling panicked and guilty. What is WRONG with me?!” While I am thrilled that my clients feel comfortable enough to share these intimate details, I am sad that they feel so embarrassed. I am also angry that, […]

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How to make eating healthier easy!

Healthy eating is a challenge for many reasons. For a start, we make over 200 food choices a day which gives us many opportunities to make unwise or unintended decisions. Having a treat once in a while is fine (and recommended!) but when we start feeling guilty about the less healthy choices we’ve made, the thought that “I’ve blown it, I might as well go nuts” can arise. Rather than making healthier choices at the next meal or snack, people who think this way may feel that getting “back on track” that day is pointless. Another reason that it can be […]

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How to avoid dieting in 5 steps

Diets don’t work. They are especially toxic for your relationship with food and your body. So what is left to do if you want to improve your eating or manage your weight? Try these tips to avoid falling back on dieting this spring: 1. Reconnect with your hunger levels: everyone already has a way to “regulate” their eating and it has nothing to do with other people’s diet advice. Listening to your very own hunger signals is the first step to reconnecting with your body’s needs. No diet book, diet guru or meal plan will ever know how much or […]

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What is mindful eating?

I talk a lot about mindful eating and how it can help you manage your health, reduce any disordered eating and help repair your relationship with food. Understanding what mindful eating is and how to practice it is the challenging part. Not because it is hard to do but because it takes time, inner reflection and lots of practice. Being a mindful eater means noticing the colors, smells, flavors, and textures of your food; chewing slowly; reducing of distractions like TV or reading; and reducing guilt and anxiety around food choices. Noticing these things means deliberately paying attention, being fully […]

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