Are SMART goals the answer for successful habit change?

are smart goals helpful

If social media and health “gurus” (I use that term lightly) are to be believed, it seems like all you have to do is want something hard enough and set a SMART goal in order to achieve your dreams. However, the business of helping people achieve success is a big one. You can hire someone to help motivate you, push you and pull you to success. But are these promises of success really as easy as they sound? Are SMART goals helpful? Are SMART goals helpful? One of the oldest bits of advice about changing your habits that remains from […]

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Is Hashtagging Harming Our Health?

Hashtags Harm Our Health

Co-written with Nisha Parker I bet you have spotted at least one of these hashtags recently (maybe even today): #cleaneating, #lowcarb, #paleo, #weightloss, #diet, #cheatmeal or #whole30.  Is it possible that these tags perpetuate lies about healthy eating? Are they being used unwittingly (which is bad), or deliberately (which is worse) by well-intentioned health practitioners? Do diet hashtags harm our health? Do diet hashtags harm our health? I feel that we are now living in a hashtag hell where intuitive eating, basic healthy eating, and science go to die. Perhaps what is most angering is that health practitioners who claim […]

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The ONLY secret ingredient you will need this year

secret ingredient for health

I have an amazing recipe I’d like to share with you that has been inspired by my recent social feeds. It contains a secret ingredient that helps squash food cravings and cut down on portions, both of which help with weight management! But first, a little background on what I saw on my feeds that stirred up some emotions and motivation to share this secret ingredient. First I scrolled past what looked like a dessert, but the description indicated it was a protein cake mixed with protein whip cream topped with protein pudding for someone’s breakfast. Then I saw a […]

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Mindful Eating Series with The Grounded Therapist (#2)

mindful eating sereis

Mindful Eating can be helpful in so many different aspects of healthy eating: it can help naturally reduce portion sizes (if you tend to over eat due to emotions or mindlessness), it can help reduce emotions that can lead to eating when not hungry and improve confidence in food choices. It does, however, take some practice to truly work. That is why actively taking part in activities that increase mindfulness are integral and is how/why this series came about!  Here is what Rachel, the Grounded Therapist, had to say about Mindful Eating in Part 2 of our series:  I really wanted to […]

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Mindful Eating Series with The Grounded Therapist (#1)

mindful eating series

  This time of year you can’t glance at any social media feed without being bombarded with (bad) advice on how to lose weight/be healthy/shape up. There IS an alternative to all that diet & clean eating crazy speak: Mindful Eating. I understand that it can be a hard to understand concept- so I have embarked on a project to help you understand what it is and how it can help you and (perhaps more importantly) how you can start practicing it today. This is a collaboration between myself and The Grounded Therapist.    I met Rachel Dougherty, The Grounded Therapist, through a […]

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Why I won’t be modifying any of my holiday recipes to be cleaner, lighter or healthier.

There is one surefire way to reduce the stress of holiday cooking: stick to what you know. However, in this world of “clean eating” and never-ending hacks on how to lighten recipes, it can be hard to feel comfortable preparing traditional recipes. Here is the secret: there IS a way to get through the holidays without being fearful of holiday weight gain or overeating even if you eat special holiday foods (hint: it has nothing to do with skipping meals, switching out sugar for agave syrup or passing up your favorite foods and feeling deprived)- it is called mindful or intuitive […]

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How mindful eating is like a trip to the beach

Have you ever swam in the ocean? I remember the first time I did. I grew up around lakes and rivers so you can imagine how vast and intimidating the ocean is compared to, well, anything else. Forget the blow up mattress and quiet lounging in the water- I was in for a surprise. Did I mention this was the east coast of Australia? Not Cape Cod or Cuba. The waves were about 4 feet high- on a calm day. I was told that the best way to avoid being hit by the crashing waves, in order to get into […]

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What is your potential?

 I love a good comparison, especially when talking about nutrition.I’ve lost track at the number of times I’ve described the body’s metabolism and energy levels as being like a wood burning stove. I encourage clients to imagine the many eating habit changes they want to make as bricks in a wall. This has helped many realize that using a ladder (i.e. small, sustainable steps) to climb up that wall is easier than trying to jump over it in one bounding leap. One analogy that I am currently working on describes one’s potential to manage their weight. This is because everyone […]

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Waste of resources: Who has the time for dieting?

Dieting is a waste of energy, time and money. I don’t know about you, but I certainly have none of those to spare! I am a HUGE advocate of intuitive and mindful eating to manage health. It encourages a way of eating that fits with your “eating personality” & food preferences, it is easy to integrate regardless of where you are geographically (on vacation, on a business trip or enjoying breakfast bed) and perhaps most importantly, has nothing to do with starvation or deprivation. A recent article touches on this subject with great insight. It is from the latest Scientific American MIND […]

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Making healthy habits stick can be hard! Here are some solutions

In an earlier blog I mentioned that each little change we want to make to our diet can include 5 or more steps to actually accomplish. This can be a real hang up for people who underestimate how much time it takes to make a food change. On the bright side, understanding the steps needed to achieve that goal is very empowering.  I recently had a conversation with Tommy Schnurmacher from The Tommy Schnurmacher Show on CJAD 800am about this very topic. You can listen to my interview using this player: If you haven’t figured it out yet, psychology plays […]

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