Why Heart Healthy Eating isn’t as Bad as You Think

heart healthy eating

February is Heart Month!  If you’re thinking this has something to do with chocolates or roses, think again! This national campaign has been going strong for more than half a century. The goal is to raise awareness (and donations) for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and highlight the risks of heart disease and stroke.  Coming from a nutrition background, we used to talk about avoiding eggs and cutting down on fat to help reduce risk for heart disease. Oh, how the times have changed. The most recent recommendations released are the Dietary Guideline for Americans by the USA Government. Interestingly, these guidelines […]

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Your Guide to Eating (and enjoying!) Beans and Pulses

guide to pulses and beans

Co-written with Jenna West, dietetic intern You may have heard that the UN Generally assembly has declared 2016 as the International Year of Pulses. The point of this campaign is to shine alight on the nutritional and environmental benefits of eating more pulses. If you are not sure what exactly a pulse is, let alone why you should eat more of them, we’ve got you covered! Here is our quick and easy guide to understanding pulses and (perhaps more importantly) how to eat more of them with fewer digestive symptoms. (BONUS: stick around for easy, delish recipes you can try tonight!) […]

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The facts on processed meat, red meat and cancer

A lot of RDs are scrambling to respond to the recent announcement that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has made on the connection between red meat and processed meat and certain cancers. I am happy to read that a lot of RDs continue to side with reason and moderation rather than fear mongering.Here is what you need to know about the most recent findings from the IARC. They looked at more than 800 studies The IARC Working Group took into account the findings of more than 800 studies. These studies investigated associations of more than a dozen types […]

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Why coconut water is not the secret ingredient

written by Jenna West, dietetic intern Coconut water is definitely an acquired taste. Although many people love it, you’re not alone if you wonder why some people like it! For those of you who are unfamiliar with coconut water, it is the liquid portion of immature coconuts. This is different than coconut milk which is extracted from the “meat” portion of the coconut. You have likely seen coconut water sold in fitness centers and yoga studios where it is heavily advertised as a natural rehydration beverage. This is because the companies that produce commercially available coconut water claim it contains […]

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Why low glycemic index foods are one secret ingredient for health

Written by Jenna West for Custom Nutrition Have you walked into the grocery store lately and been overwhelmed about what bread to buy? Or what cereal to choose? There are so many options on the market that it has become more difficult to shop than ever before.The rise of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease motivates some people to become more careful about the food choices they make. If you are looking for an easy tool to help make healthy choices and help prevent the onset of chronic disease, the Glycemic Index has been shown to do […]

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The Dirty Truth Behind Juice Cleansing

truth behind juice cleansing

  If you are following any of the diet and nutrition fads, you have likely run into the idea of juicing fruits and vegetables and juice cleanses. The so-called miracles of juice cleansing range from promising weight loss to improving digestion to detoxing the body. What is the truth behind juice cleansing?   Despite all the outrageous claims circulating about the effects of sugar on health, drinking juice, as part of a balanced diet, poses no health risk and can be a good (and delicious!) way to incorporate more vegetables and fruit in your diet. The pitfalls of juicing come into […]

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Energyless drinks

There are very few of us who have not turned to coffee (or any other caffeinated beverage) in hopes to put a spring in our step. Gone are the days where a cup of coffee would be more a social tool to catch up with friends than the number one source for energy. Nowadays, because life is so hectic and sleep is hard to come by that we have actually invented beverages in which their sole purpose is to deliver caffeine straight to our bodies. With hard core names such as FULL THROTTLE, RED RAIN, RED BULL, GURU & NOS […]

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Yogurt- to eat or not to eat it plain and 0%?

It is perhaps one of the most universally accepted food misconceptions: plain, non-fat yogurt is the healthiest of the yogurts. Why is this myth believed? For the simple reasons that it is low in fat, and has less sugar than other yogurts (and perhaps because it tastes like it should be healthy for you!?). Unfortunately, it is one of those myths that everyone just believes without second guessing it. If there is one thing you have to remember when it comes to healthy eating and nutrition, it is to NOT BELIEVE everything you hear; Keep an open mind and use […]

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Teens and Sports Supplements

An interesting article was published in the Gazette yesterday regarding teens and protein supplements. It was interesting for two reasons:1. The newspaper actually spoke to a Registered dietitian who has plenty of experience with sports nutrition- which means the information was credible and2. It laid to rest the most common misconception about protein supplements: teens (and most people) generally will NOT benefit from eating obscene amounts of protein. And of course, as is usually the case with nutrition counseling, a young man waltzed into my office that very same day inquiring about protein shakes. What many people may not realize, […]

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