My name is Lisa and I am an intuitive & mindful eating expert, weight inclusive & non-diet dietitian.

I help people reignite their relationship with food and their body. Giving hope that there are solutions to your food and health worries is my passion. I work with people who are struggling to ditch diets, feel better in their body and rediscover joy & peace with food and eating. 

I blog, counsel people virtually and in-person as well as share my non-traditional (radical?) nutrition and food view with the media to give diet culture a run for it’s money! I am an intuitive eating expert, weight neutral & non-diet dietitian and truly believe that all foods fit into a healthy and happy lifestyle. I have unique personal experiences that help me understand the struggles we face with dieting and changing our food habits.


The date of this webinar is TBD. If you are a health professional and would like to learn more about this webinar, CLICK HERE . If you would like to learn about intuitive eating for your own personal wellness goals, CLICK HERE.